We built our wheels for motorsports, so we want to do our best to support our drivers.

We've noticed that a product replacement program is still not set as a standard within the industry, but we think it should be.  Any product, including wheels, should be pushed to the limits whether you are a hardcore competitor or an enthusiast.  By offering our replacement program along with our limited lifetime structural warranty, we want the motorsports community to know that they are supported.

As much as we believe in the strength of our wheels, we understand that sometimes you might just send the car a little too hard.  Whether you went off track, hit a berm too hard, or experienced a "where did that pothole come from?" incident, we are proud to offer our wheels to you at 25% off MSRP for being an owner of Endless Forged wheels.


Terms for Wheel Replacement Program
  • You can purchase a replacement Endless Forged Wheel(s) for 25% off MSRP directly through us. (Discount does not apply to any specials/deals).
  • Wheels must have been purchased through us or any of our authorized dealers (soon to come).
  • Our replacement program is only offered to recipients within the lower 48 states of the United States at this moment.
  • Recipient must have originally purchased a full set (4 or more wheels) of the same wheel.
    • This means the set of 4 or more wheels must be the same width/offset/bolt pattern/finish unless staggered.
    • If staggered, the wheel must be the same model/bolt pattern/finish, but different widths/offsets are acceptable.
  • The replacement wheel will be the same model/width/bolt pattern/finish as damaged wheel.  Replacement Endless Forged wheel cannot be of a different model/width/offset/bolt pattern/finish.
  • Wheel replacement can only be applied to purchases within 2 years of purchase date on invoice.
  • Recipient is responsible for shipping cost of replacement wheel.  Shipping rates are flat rates based on location of customer.  Local pickup (City of Industry) is also available.


What We Need From You

  • Use form below to submit request.
  • Must provide original invoice from our website or an authorized dealer (soon to come).
    • Sales/trades from private parties DO NOT qualify.
    • ID picture must be provided with invoice and have matching names.
  • Must provide pictures AND video of damaged wheel(s).  We will not require you to send the damaged wheel back to us, so clear pictures/videos are required for a thorough inspection.
    • This must include a picture of the engraving on the back lip of the wheel.