Endless Forged Wheels

18x9.5" ET40 F01 Forged Wheel




Knurling, the slots along the barrel of the wheel, is a standard on our wheels. It is placed on both sides of the barrel where there is tire contact to ensure maximum torsional grip between wheel and tire.


To maximize brake clearance and concavity, we created two different face profiles, Face 1 and Face 2. Face 1 is light concavity and Face 1 has deep concavity.


We milled the side of the spokes for optimal weight reduction and a unique look, without sacrificing rigidity.

Engraved details

Along with our brand and certification engravings on the front of the wheel, each wheel has the wheel specifications on the back lip of the wheel, making it easier for drivers to figure out which wheel is which at the track!

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